Keep Your Web Development Skills Sharp – Here’s What’s Trending in 2022

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Web Development skills are becoming increasingly important as the web grows more integral to our everyday lives. Learn more about the skills you’ll need to stay relevant in this rapidly changing industry by reading this guide on what’s trending in Web Development in 2022 and how you can start developing those skills today!


If you’re coming from a background of Web Development and don’t know what Serverless is, we suggest you take a minute to look it up. That’s because we think it could be one of the next big things on the web development horizon. To understand what serverless means and why it matters, check out our coverage of Google Cloud Next ’17 here.


We’ve come a long way from Clippy, but chatbots have not yet had their big breakthrough moment. A recent study suggests that will soon change: by 2022, 80% of all customer interaction will be handled without human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, AI is used for everything from autonomous cars to targeted online ads, but what does that mean for us as web developers? A whole lot. Keep up with all of today’s top trends by learning about emerging technology like augmented reality, voice recognition and blockchain. And don’t forget about tomorrow’s technological advances—AI will certainly play a significant role in making future web apps even more sophisticated than they are today.


This is not just a library for building user interfaces; it’s also a complete framework that enables developers to create performant applications. It will be popular among web developers who are looking for additional tools and frameworks to work with. The framework, created by Google engineer Evan You, will empower users to build large-scale apps without sacrificing quality code.

Electron Apps

Currently, we are seeing a lot of apps being built with Electron. The good thing about building an app with Electron is that you can make it available on different platforms, including Linux and MacOS. In addition to those two operating systems, your app can also be installed and run on Windows machines. There are some known performance issues, but from what I understand there will be fixes for that in future releases.

AngularJS 2 (a.k.a. Angular 2+)

Google’s AngularJS framework—arguably one of, if not the most popular JavaScript frameworks today—has announced its next major update: Angular 2+. The big news with Angular 2+ is that it will now support both web and mobile (i.e., Android and iOS) development. It also features a new design for components, optional TypeScript support (for those who are interested), improved speed, better support for mobile devices, and more.

Bootstrap 4

As of January 1, 2017, Bootstrap 4 is officially on its way. With Twitter’s implementation of Bootstrap 3 just around a year ago (the first time it has overhauled its CSS framework since launch), we thought it was high time to start thinking about what will be trending on our screens come 2022. Note: This post was written with that in mind—so please do not be confused if your bootstrap framework looks slightly different from mine!


As websites increasingly rely on web application programming interfaces (APIs) to power their functionality, developers are spending more time using languages such as JavaScript to build for them. As a result, JSON API is becoming more widely used as well. It has become a de facto standard for many of today’s popular APIs, including Twitter and Facebook. With much of its syntax modeled after that of JavaScript objects, JSON API makes it easier for programmers to transition from one language to another.

How Ocimtech will help you in Web Development Area

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