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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ocimtech?

Ocimtech is an IT solution firm that provides services ranging from Web Applications and Development to Web designing and branding to Digital Marketing Solutions.

How does Ocimtech work?

A project is incomplete without interaction and a basic understanding of the company. This is where Ocimtech initiates its work; by understanding the requirements and objectives of the clients and the challenges faced as an industry player. Further, we develop information combining our expertise, knowledge, and research to provide the best solution at a low cost.

How long does it take to build a website?

The time taken for building a website depends on the kind of website and many other features involved in developing it. It involves a process of communication, research, creating an action plan, client feedback on mock designs, development of the website, and last but not least reviews and revisions.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Yes, we have a team of expert web designers who can do this for you based on your inputs and requirements.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of developing a website varies on many factors, like – the number of web pages, its design, added features, research that goes into it, etc.

Can you convert my existing website into WordPress?

We have some clients who have developed an html based website wherein they face problems while updating them. The team of expert web developers at Ocimtech can surely convert your website into WordPress.

Who Needs SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and a good SEO optimizes the visibility of your business online. The more the online traffic increases the better are the chances of getting customers for your products and services. Therefore, any business that plans to increase its reach online needs SEO.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO for basic understanding means the process of improving the visibility of a site while someone searches the products or services related to that business in the search engines. SEO involves three steps – crawling, the discovery stage, indexing, the filing stage, and ranking, the retrieval stage.

Can you help me rank high in Google?

The SEO team at Ocimtech has the expertise of driving the traffic towards your website and get higher rankings for you.

Why do I need SEO for my business?

SEO is needed for any business to gain more customers further boosting sales.